Thickness: 0.6 PVC
Colour: White/Black

Soccer dummy

The training dummy is a blow-up doll providing realism during practice sessions, without the risk of an injury. It acts as an obstacle and can simulate an opponent or a teammate, so that a goalkeeper may improve his exits and reflexes. It can also be used in tactical exercises for the goalkeepers, or the entire team.

The dummies are highly resistant to scrapes and blows, while they are easy to transport, thanks to the two handles at the side of the dummy. The top part is filled with air, while the bottom is filled with water, so that the dummy can remain in place and be stable.

The set of two is 160€, while the set of three is 235€.

*In case you want to purchase four or more dummies, contact us for an offer.




The 2 Dummies for 160€, the 3 Dummies for 235€!